An Overview of Glock 19 Custom Slides

An Overview of Glock 19 Custom Slides

There are several types of custom slides available for Glock 19 guns. They include Zev’s Dragonfly slide, Citadel slide, and Orion slide. Grey Ghost slides are made in-house using 17-4 stainless steel, which provides tight tolerances than a factory slide.

Zev’s Dragonfly slide

The ZEV Dragonfly slide is a great way to give your Glock pistol a new look. These slide extensions are precision machined from durable steel and are far more durable than factory slides. They also feature integrated sights, optics cuts, and strategic window cuts instead of serrations, and they come in several Cerakote color options.

Zev Tech is a firearm manufacturer specializing in premium aftermarket parts and mods for the Glock handgun. Their products are designed to meet the needs and want of the operator, and they are meant to give the user the most satisfying experience possible. The company is best known for its quality Glock modifications and upgrades, such as the Dragonfly slide and the O.Z-9 pistol in 9mm.

Zev’s Stainless Steel Slide is a highly durable slide made of 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel. The manufacturer claims that their slide has tighter tolerances than factory slides and improves accuracy and performance. The slide is easy to install, features three sight configurations, and is available in various coatings. A glock 19 custom slide can be expensive, so it is worth looking for an affordable option.

Zev produces aftermarket parts for the Glock and other firearms. They specialize in fine steel and optics mounting solutions. They also make storage cases and tool kits to improve Glock’s performance.

Zev’s Citadel slide

A custom slide is an essential component in a Glock firearm, and Zev’s Citadel slide is one of the most popular. This slide is compatible with any Glock 19 frame and has internal components that you can customize. It is an excellent option for anyone wishing to alter their handgun look.

The Citadel slide is a duty-type slide that features serrations on the sides and channels on the top of the fall. It reduces glare and maintains a clear sight picture. It’s also compatible with Trijicon RMR sights and other red dot sights. The Zev Citadel slide is also lighter than factory slides and reduces reciprocating mass, which helps improve accuracy.

ZEV Technologies slides are a great addition to a custom Glock 19. The slide will improve the visual appeal of the gun and will enhance performance. You’ll love the look and feel of your custom slide. There are several colors and designs available.

Zev’s Orion slide

A brand-new slide for the Gen4 Glock handgun is called Zev’s Orion custom slide. It features a black DLC finish and an RMR cut. It is compatible with the RMR cylinder and can hold all Glock handgun generations. It is available at the Sniper’s Hide, a community of Snipers that supports users of Zev custom guns.

Glock owners absolutely must have the Zev Tech Orion slide.

The customized slide features an RMR adapter plate, a reduced ejection port, and DLC or PVD coatings. For a non-slip grip, it also boasts a characteristic serration pattern.

The spectacular exhibition of valuable creative skill is completed with black Gen4-coated industrial steel embellishments. One 9mm Commander barrel with ZEV dimples is included in the “Orion” slide-cut kit. Aliens fore strap, an EVO series HDXR orange front sight, and a fixed rear sight with a tactical single-side safety are also included in the set.

The Orion custom slide from Zev Technologies is made from 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel and features an out-of-this-world theme. It has rounded edge serrations to ensure a solid grip on the slide. Its 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel construction also reduces fatigue and reciprocating weight for the user.

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