Are you looking for the right memory care for your loved one? Click here for five factors you should consider when choosing a memory care facility.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Facility

Are you looking for hospice care for a loved one?

When a loved one starts to go down the road to dementia, navigating their healthcare system can become complex. You’ll likely pass through a few different wings of the system, but none more important than memory care.

For many, choosing the right dementia care facilities south or dementia facilities is tricky. The wrong choice can deprive your loved one of the best care possible.

We want to help. Here are five things to look out for when choosing a memory care facility for your loved one.

1. Amenities and Services

As a place where individuals with memory loss or a diagnosed memory disorder will live, the facility must offer the necessary amenities and services to promote a positive quality of life. This could include the following:

  • All-day access to healthcare professionals
  • Daily social activities
  • Secure outdoor area
  • Meals and nutrition
  • Personalized care plans
  • Modern and safe living quarters
  • Beauty/barber services
  • Library/media room
  • Reliable transport to appointments

2. Safety and Convenience

The facility should also have adequate security measures to ensure the safety of those attending. Consider the nearby attractions and whether the facility has easy access to open green spaces, which are important for physical and mental health.

Research the surrounding area to ensure plenty of choices regarding places to learn, explore and grow. These factors will help ensure that the facility provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment, allowing those attending to get the most out of their visit.

3. Qualified and Trained Professional Staff

When choosing an elderly care facility, qualified and trained professional staff should be a top priority. Excellent care and treatment are essential, and the staff must be knowledgeable in dementia and Alzheimer’s to provide the best care possible.

The facility should require staff to have pre-existing qualifications such as certifications or college degrees in dementia or Gerontology and must be able to provide continued training and education to their team on the latest techniques and treatments available. 

4. Cost of Memory Care Facilities

Memory care facilities can range widely in price depending on the level of care offered, staffing and amenities. Generally, the higher the quality of care, the more expensive the facility.

Location can also influence costs. Memory care facilities in cities may cost more due to higher living costs. In contrast, rural facilities may be more affordable. 

5. Location and Accessibility

An ideal facility should be conveniently located, with easy access and proximity to family and friends. Consider safety when looking for a facility with roads into the facility that is visible, well-lit, and free of hazards.

If the facility is near public transport, it can enable visitors to get to and from more easily and opens up the facility to more people. Look for parking areas that are spacious, secure, and well-lit, with easy access to the entrance.

Choose the Right Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

Choosing the right memory care facility can be an overwhelming process. Still, you can find the right fit by carefully considering these important factors.

It is also essential to research and ask the right questions to ensure the facility meets your and your loved one’s needs. Don’t wait – start looking for the perfect care for your loved one today!

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