Inspirational Portrait Photography Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Inspirational Portrait Photography Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

If you’re a photographer who has experienced a drop in creative levels, it may be time to try something new. Creative photography ideas, such as those by Meg Bitton, can help you step outside your comfort zone and gain new skills while exploring the world through a different lens.

Focusing on a single body part or unique physical trait can give you a creative photo that will impress you. Try a striped background or a close-up of your eye or hand to show off your talents.


Self-portraits are an amazing way to express yourself and your creative side. Whether you capture an everyday moment like cooking or commuting or create a fantasy by dressing up and erotically photographing yourself, the possibilities are endless.

One fun technique for a self-portrait is to shoot with motion blur. To do this, use a slow shutter speed and move around.

Using a double exposure is also an interesting way to take a self-portrait. You can do this by combining two images in Photoshop or using a technique similar to the old days of shooting with film. You can also experiment with colors using gels on your strobes or off-camera flashes.


Consider using neon in your photos in combination with other light sources. Multiple lighting options can add depth and dimension to your compositions while highlighting textures in the shadows.

Try shooting neon-lit portraits during the blue hour, right after sunset. This time of day offers low lighting that makes neon colors glow even more brightly. Darker backdrops also emphasize the texture of your subject’s clothing, giving your photos more visual interest.


Fog can be a beautiful backdrop for portraits, allowing the model to stand out against a muted background. It can also make photos look dreamy and mysterious.

To get this effect, you need to use a slow shutter speed. Fog moves, so shooting outdoors and on a tripod is best.

It’s best to capture fog around sunrise and sunset, as this is when the sun is most likely to illuminate the scene with a nice glow. Fog is water droplets in the air, so it refracts light and may create cool effects like sunbeams or rays. This works especially well when shooting in forests and near bodies of water.


Sometimes, a little inspiration can go a long way in photography. A good creative idea doesn’t have to break the bank either — try using something you already own, like an instant film camera or backdrops and props you borrow from a friend.

Study the work of famous portrait photographers to learn how they use light and composition to convey meaning in their images. Incorporating aspects of their techniques into your work can also inspire new ideas for portrait photography. 

Cloudy Sky

A cloudy sky can still be the perfect backdrop for your photos even on the dullest days. The clouds diffuse the sun, softening the contrast and providing a wide range of interesting colors and textures.

Try a long exposure to produce blurred clouds with lots of movement. Or use a polarizing filter to make the sky extra blue and boost color saturation while at the same time cutting down on the glare from water or snow.

When photographing clouds, include additional objects to add context and interest to your photo. This can be anything from trees, mountains, or buildings – you are only limited by your imagination!

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