Advantages of Using Wheelchair Accessible SUVs

Advantages of Using Wheelchair Accessible SUVs

There are many advantages of using wheelchair-accessible SUVs. The vehicles are incredibly safe and can be fitted with various features designed to make life easier for those who may need to use them. Some advantages include side entry, in-floor ramps, and crane-type lifts.

Side entry vehicles

Side-entry wheelchair accessible SUVs are an excellent option for those who need assistance getting in and out of a vehicle. However, not all wheelchair-accessible vehicles are created equal. The most crucial aspect is how your specific needs will be met. It’s also essential to consider how much storage space is available in your vehicle. In addition to offering flexible seating options, side entry wheelchair vans can accommodate fold-out ramps. This makes loading and unloading wheelchairs and passengers more convenient. One of the essential features of side-entry wheelchair-accessible SUVs is their ability to park in curbside spots. They are perfect for people who want to avoid backing up from their vehicle in the middle of a busy street.

Crane type lifts

If you have an SUV or any other vehicle, you can get a lift for your wheelchair. You can choose from crane-type lifts, interior lifts, hitch-style lifts, or under-vehicle lifts. Which one you choose depends on where you live, your mobility needs, and the make and model of your vehicle. Hitch-mounted lifts are easy to install and remove. They work well for trucks, small SUVs, and vans. The installation is simple and can be done in minutes. These lifts use the power of your vehicle to raise the wheelchair.

Crane-type lifts are less common but can be a good option. These lifts have a base that mounts inside the back of your vehicle. The arm on the charge rotates to lift your wheelchair. In addition to being more convenient, exterior lifts are also an excellent choice for smaller vehicles. This lift is very durable and can accommodate all types of mobility equipment. Interior lifts are often installed in the passenger compartment of a van or pickup truck. Some models can also be installed in the trunk of an SUV.

In-floor ramps

When you have a wheelchair-accessible SUV, you need a ramp. There are two types: fold-out and in-floor. They come in various sizes, so you must decide which fits your vehicle best. Depending on the size of your wheelchair, the ramp may or may not fold. Fold-out ramps are the most common type of ramp. When folded, they are stored in a convenient upright position near the side door. This makes them easy to store and transport. However, they are less cost-effective than in-floor ramps. In-floor ramps slide out from under the floor of the van. This means that they do not block doors. They also give you extra room to move around. The extra space is helpful when maneuvering in and out of the vehicle. These ramps are often longer than fold-out ramps, but they still provide an open entry. Some models are equipped with side rails for ease of navigation. Other models offer perforations on the surface of the ramp, making cleaning easier.


If you have a wheelchair, a sport utility vehicle can make life easier. They are generally smaller than sedans, offer more room, and are more easily maneuvered. Plus, they can be adapted to accommodate a wheelchair. Some vehicles are available in rear and side-entry styles. While the former offers a curbside entry and a more spacious trunk, the latter is a little more expensive and requires more space behind the vehicle. This is a good choice for families with kids in the back seat. There are also many full-sized vans with lift systems. For a less costly alternative, the Kia Soul is an excellent choice. However, this model doesn’t have the same features as some higher-end options, so keep that in mind when shopping. Minivans are a popular choice for wheelchair users, as they’re affordable, sleek, and easy to drive. These vehicles are a good choice for all-around transportation and have excellent safety ratings.


Wheelchair-accessible SUVs provide you with comfort, safety, and convenience when you are traveling. It also makes it easier to load and unload passengers. These vehicles have in-floor ramp technology so you can get in and out quickly and safely.

Vehicles that are wheelchair accessible are also equipped with restraint belts. The seatbelts are self-locking. This reduces the chance of injury if the wheelchair is accidentally dislodged in an accident. Wheelchairs can be secured to the floor of a vehicle using four straps. If you use your wheelchair as a vehicle seat, you must ensure it is crash-tested. Also, you need a docking system to secure the heart to the floor. SUVs tend to be roomier than minivans and are great for off-road driving. However, they are also more expensive. They are also known to tip over more often than vans. Some vehicles can be converted into wheelchair-accessible cars. A power transfer seat can be installed and paired with an automatic ramp. You can also purchase a hand control option that allows the user to shift independently.

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