Protecting Your Belongings - Why You Need a Quality Storage Unit

Protecting Your Belongings – Why You Need a Quality Storage Unit

Storage units are an excellent way to protect valuables and memorabilia from theft and create more space in their homes. However, not all storage units are created equal.

When choosing a storage unit, consider the following factors: Security, Cleanliness, Climate Control, Insurance, and Pick-Up & Delivery.


Storage units are popular among many different groups of people, from individuals who are moving, protecting a collection, or remedying overflowing attics and basements to businesses that need to keep inventory and files safe from theft. As such, it is essential for facilities to prioritize security and offer a variety of features that protect the belongings stored in their facility.

Some of the most compelling features are found in the facility’s fences and gates. These are often tall and topped with barbed or razor wire, which deters criminals from getting too close to the property. Many storage unit facilities also use surveillance cameras throughout the property to watch over the spaces where customers store their belongings.

Finding adequate NYC storage can be challenging due to the city’s space constraints, but numerous facilities offer various storage solutions to accommodate diverse needs.

Additionally, facilities can use individual alarms that will sound in a specific space if unauthorized individuals access it. These can be a great way to scare away thieves and make their job much more difficult, as the security system will alert staff if something is amiss. Another feature is the ability to padlock a space, which can be an additional barrier for would-be thieves to overcome.


A clean facility is one of the most critical features of any storage unit. This is especially true for those who store valuables or fragile items sensitive to temperature or humidity changes. A regular cleaning schedule that includes sweeping alleys, vacuuming common areas, and dusting individual units helps ensure a safe and clean environment for all who utilize the facilities.

Cleaning your storage space can seem overwhelming and take more time than you expect to do a good job. It’s a good idea to list the items that need to be cleaned before you begin. This will help you keep organized and focus on the most critical things.

During your storage unit cleanout, it’s also an excellent opportunity to go through the stored items and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate or get rid of. Items that no longer serve their purpose in your life and don’t spark joy may be good candidates for donation.

Climate Control

A client should consider using a climate-controlled storage container if they want to store anything that changes in humidity or temperature might harm. These units keep the environment between 55 and 80 degrees year-round to protect delicate items, including changing weather conditions, from damage.

Some essential items that should be stored in a climate-controlled unit include furniture, electronics, and paper documents. These items can be susceptible to extreme temperatures, which can cause them to fade or warp. They can be shielded against humidity, which can lead to mold or mildew, by climate control.

A great way to determine if a facility’s climate control features are up to par is by asking for referrals from past clients. Additionally, it’s a good idea to visit the facility and view units in person before renting one to get an accurate feel for what it will be like to store there.

In addition, ask if the facility offers indoor and outdoor storage units. Outdoor units open to the outside, while indoor units are located inside a building. Indoor units are typically more climate-controlled than outdoor ones.


When choosing a storage facility, determine what type of insurance is offered to tenants. Ensure the policy is designed for storage and provides adequate coverage to protect your belongings. Several national and regional insurance companies offer policies that provide superior protection for stored items. Sometimes, a policy can be obtained through the facility, which may save on premium costs.

If the facility offers its policy, carefully review the coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions before signing the contract. Also, knowing if the approach is based on actual cash value or replacement cost is essential. Generally, policies based on replacement costs keep the value of your item high.

It’s also worth considering whether you can extend your current homeowners’ or renters’ insurance to cover your stored items. This can often be done for only a few dollars per month, saving you from purchasing an additional storage insurance policy.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Storage units are helpful for a variety of reasons. Whether decluttering your home, moving into a new apartment in the city, or going on vacation, you may need somewhere to keep your belongings for a few weeks, months, or even years.

When choosing a storage unit, choosing one that offers pick-up and delivery services is essential. This can help minimize the risk of your items being damaged during transport. It can also save you money and time by preventing you from having to rent a truck. Additionally, it is essential to label your boxes and carefully consider the size of your space. Ensure that your items fit both in terms of square footage and height. It is also a good idea to place items you use more frequently towards the front of the space and less-used items at the back. This will make it easier to access them and prevent things from being crushed or broken over time. 

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