Safety First - What to Look for in a Used Dump Trailer

Safety First – What to Look for in a Used Dump Trailer

Buying a used dump trailer can save money, but looking for specific features is important. One thing to consider is the front jack and how well it is rated for your desired load. Another thing to check is whether the trailer has radial or bias ply tires. The main reason manufacturers use bias ply is because they are cheaper, but it will shorten the life of your tires.


Dump trailers are useful tools that can be used for various purposes, including hauling dirt, transporting a tractor, and even removing weather debris. But, just like any piece of equipment, they can wear down over time. This is why inspecting any used dump trailer for sale before purchasing is important. Numerous factors can drastically set one trailer apart from the next, and understanding these differences will help you determine which dump trailer to buy. Depending on the type of work you plan to use your trailer, it’s critical to examine its features and capacities. This includes ensuring the trailer’s size and weight align with your needs and checking that your vehicle can safely tow it.

Additionally, you’ll want to check the dumping mechanism to see how robust it is. This is especially important for those planning to haul large loads of materials. Some RAM systems require a lot of force to dump the bed, while others are more sensitive and require minimal pressure. You’ll also want to ensure the hydraulic mounting method is sturdy, which can be the difference between easy dumping and manually shoveling your materials. It’s also important to look at the brakes and axles. Ensure that the calipers, rotors, or drums are in good condition and aren’t sticking.


A dump trailer is a heavy piece of equipment requiring a high-powered vehicle. While most trailers may look alike, several small differences can drastically separate one trailer. The type of material, wall height, and many other small details can make a huge difference in the quality of your dump trailer. Tires are among the most critical pieces to check on any trailer because they carry the entire load’s weight. Some manufacturers cut costs by using tires not rated for a dump trailer, which can be dangerous and cause your tires to wear out prematurely. Inspecting the tires for any damage or if they have been replaced is also a good idea. Tires should always have at least 2/32nds of tread; anything less than that is illegal and risks your safety. Buyers often overlook Checking the front jack, but it can be very important. Some manufacturers will use a lower-rated jack to save money, which can cause your trailer to snag on objects during loading and unloading. Having a higher-rated jack will eliminate this issue. Also, be sure to check the wheel bearings; if they are cracked or have been repaired, it indicates that the trailer has been overloaded in the past and can lead to damage throughout the chassis.


Dump trailers are versatile equipment used for landscaping, construction or farming. They can transport and unload heavy materials with a hydraulic lift system, eliminating the need for manual shoveling. However, not all dump trailers are created equal, and there are some things to look out for when shopping for one. When purchasing a dump trailer, it is important to ensure the wiring harness has been replaced. This is because the old harness may have to crimp connections, which can cause problems down the road. It is also important to note if the trailer has an OEM wiring harness, it will be less likely to have crimp connections. Another factor to consider when looking at a dump trailer is the height of the side walls. Depending on the materials you will be hauling, you might need higher sidewalls to hold loose items such as mulch or topsoil. The height of the side wall can also be a safety factor when driving on highways, as it will prevent objects from flying out of the trailer during transit. When evaluating a used dump trailer, it is important to check the warranty. The warranty should last five years and cover all repairs, parts and labor. Determining whether the warranty covers galvanizing, a process where the trailer is submerged in zinc metal, is also a good idea. This will protect the steel from corrosion in the nooks and crannies of the trailer.


There are a lot of small things that can set one dump trailer apart from another. If you are looking for a good trailer that will last you a long time, it is worth reviewing all the little details that can make the biggest difference. For example, the type of axles on a trailer can make a big difference. Torsion axles are smoother on uneven ground than leaf spring axles. The height of the sidewalls is something else that can also be a factor. Some people may need high side walls to carry vehicles or heavy equipment, while others only require low walls, which are more flexible but can’t hold as much. The flooring on a trailer can also have an impact. Check whether the floor is plywood or metal and how thick it is. Some manufacturers will try to cut costs by using plywood on the floors of their trailers, which won’t hold up over time. Metal floors are a better option for durability but are more expensive. Other important features to consider are ramps and the number of axles on the trailer. For instance, some smaller trailers can only be loaded with a single axle, while larger trailers must have multiple axles to handle their weight.

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