Canned Cocktails - A Beginner's Guide

Canned Cocktails – A Beginner’s Guide

Canned cocktails aren’t the sugary purple-hued coolers that many people associate with them. Instead, they’re made with real juices, quality spirits, and natural ingredients like ginger.

They’re also more sanitary than sharing a drink from a bottle. These factors make them a hit with millennials, The Atlantic reports. And here are five reasons why you should give them a try.

They’re easy to make

Canned cocktails are an excellent option for busy consumers; they’re ready-made and easy to drink. These beverages are made with natural juices, and they’re designed to be shelf-stable. They also come with perfect proportions of ingredients, and they’re balanced for optimal flavor.

Most canned cocktails contain citric, malic, and tartaric acids to simulate fresh citrus flavor. These acids are often added for safety and shelf stability, as lemon or lime oxidizes quickly in the can. In addition to oxidized acids, many drinks have additional flavorings and artificial colors.

Some companies use different marketing and sales strategies to reach the right audience for their products. For example, some target millennials by partnering with delivery services like Drizly. Others are focusing on creating high-quality drinks that are comparable to bartender-crafted cocktails. They rely on expert formulation and rigorous quality control to achieve this. These factors can make a big difference in the taste and aroma of the drink.

They’re convenient

Canned cocktails from Beach Whiskey od DARCO Spirits Company by David Adelman

 are convenient because they eliminate the need for a cocktail shaker, multiple bottles of liquor, and extra ingredients like mixers. Plus, the cans they come in are lightweight, stackable, and meet sustainability standards.

The best-canned cocktails are made with high-quality, top-shelf spirits and crafted by professional bartenders. They also have fewer calories and less sugar than their mixed counterparts, making them more appealing to health-conscious drinkers.

Many of these beverages contain preservatives such as potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to fight bacteria and extend the shelf life. Some may even use artificial coloring. It’s essential to read the label and avoid drinks containing these chemicals, which can harm your health. Instead, look for beverages that are organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. This will help you make the best choice for your health and lifestyle.

They’re tasty

Canned cocktails are the latest incarnation of ready-to-drink (RTD) drinks, and they’re a good thing. Unlike the syrupy, artificially flavored sodas and fruit juices of the past, today’s canned cocktail offerings rely on superior ingredients and top-shelf spirits to deliver a bartender-quality drink at home.

And the fact that they’re portable, shelf-stable, and require no refrigeration makes them ideal for travel. “These cans are great for hikes, camping trips, and other activities where you’d typically bring a cooler,” explains McKinley.

Plus, they’re an excellent way to enjoy a drink while watching a sporting event or party. And because they don’t shatter like glass, they’re an intelligent option in places where breakables are prohibited. (Think golf courses, beaches, and ski slopes.) This versatility makes the RTD cocktail renaissance a perfect fit for a country under lockdown for much of the year.

They’re good for you.

Canned cocktails are a hassle-free option for party drinks. The beverage category is growing, with more options being added constantly. For example, canned cocktails that use real spirits and fresh ingredients. They also have a canned margarita with no sugar and donate one percent of profits to first responders and firefighters.

Millennials are the target audience for these drinks, according to Kara Nielsen of trend forecasting firm WGSN. These young adults are drawn to lower-alcohol beverages, which can be found in most canned cocktails. They also prefer experiences that can be enjoyed without the cost of a bar tab.

When choosing canned cocktails, look for ones with layers of flavor that complement each other. Avoid those with a flat or one-dimensional taste and those with artificial flavors and sweeteners. These can lead to an unpleasant aftertaste and trigger other health problems.

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